Spunky's Home

Teaching Children How to Embrace Their Differences
with anti-bullying techniques, books, and plush toys

Anti-Bullying Programs

Programs for children in grade school teaching them how to counter-act bullying in both school and at home.

Children's Books

We have our starting children’s book “The Tale of the Cat Crooked Tail” as well as “Spunky’s Special Friend” helping children embrace their differences.

Plush Toys

Visit our online shop where your child can purchase their very own Spunky friend. We are always working to add more options for birthdays, holidays, and gift giving ideas for all.

About Us

Maureen Julie McGrath had a passion to end the bullying epidemic with her
“Spunky’s Special Friend” children’s book on anti-bullying.

Her goal has been to educate children about how
differences bring us together, not apart.

She has spent numerous time in various schools across the state
educating children on the effects of bullying and how to break the cycle.

Visit Our Online Store

Our shop is filled with Maureen McGrath’s number one childrens books on anti-bullying, plush toys for your child to have their very own Spunky, plus many other gift ideas for the whole family.

Here’s a look at our school programs.

Get in touch with Maureen Julie McGrath to schedule an in-class or virtual program for your grade school children. We cover why we are all different and how to embrace these differences. Our program goes into depth on how to counter-act bullying both in school and at home and the effects bullying can have on others.


Our Differences

Learn how different we are and how we can still make friends.


Interact with each other to demonstrate differences.


Discuss signs of bullying and when to report bullying and to whom.

Resolutions to Conflict

We highlight methods of resolving conflict that’s easy and applicable for any age.

What Our Families are Saying

We met you (Maureen) near the pier in Ventura and bought your darling doggy and you personally signed your book for our grandson, Steven, who was born with a club foot and other genetic disorders. I would like to express how grateful I am for your gifts and talents for this purpose. You are a joy to do business with.

F. King